Petar Giulev
Global Director at Roche Pharma, Switzerland

I have been working with Penka Stantcheva (PS Architecs) on several projects in different countries – Bulgaria, Italy, Chile and Switzerland. We are currently working on the last project which is a testimony of the experience and trust we have in Mrs. Stantcheva with respect to interior design. When I was asked to provide feedback and reference to her work I spent some time to really think what makes her creativity and support really unique. Needless to say, she is very structured, organised and punctual with terms and conditions. But this was not where the differentiation is.
For me, the first thing is her unique sense of space and color. I was never able to see things in such a detail and combination as in the way she is able to see, most importantly, she is able to drive the project to a point where those things are implemented and create the desired effect. She has an unique skill of combining textures, colors and forms in a highly aesthetic and appealing way.
Another critical aspect is her ability to challenge customers' aesthetic boundaries. While being customer oriented (we spend hours and hours describing what we like and dislike) she has the courage to challenge our understanding and beliefs. We realised after the projects are finished how important and timeless the impact was.
In addition to all the creative and artistic work, Mrs. Stantcheva has incredible project management skills that are crutial for project implementation and are a tremendous relief for the investors.
Last but not least, Mrs. Stantcheva is a highly engaging, communicative and spiritual person. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an artist, designer and architect.