Great Design for Great Life

Great Design for Great Life

We are passionate about design. Our clients engage with us in dialogue based on trust to ensure the final result is not just beautiful but also meaningful and personal.

What Can We Do for You?

Great design changes lives, influences work, study and play. Whatever your project is, we shall come to it with expertise, experience, and an open mind.

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  • We believe great interior design is more about sculpturing the space than decorating. It has to function well as a space, maximise its purpose, make it easy to navigate and use. It must also be uniquely attractive, meeting individual tastes, and challenges assumptions and clichés.

  • Our leading idea for Architectural Design is bringing a modern approach to the traditions and cultural context of the building, taking into consideration the proportions and scales of its wider surroundings. We understand the importance of details and well-chosen materials.

  • We design bespoken furniture both as free-standing projects for discerning clients and as a part of an Interior or Architectural Projects. Thus, we maximise the impact of the overall design idea adding functionality and elegance.

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project 197
Interior Design project 197
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Interior Design project 155


TERRAZZO – Venetian glamour or Socialist Nostalgia
Tinos and the pigeons houses

From our Clients
Petar Giulev Global Director at Roche Pharma, Switzerland

I have been working with Penka Stantcheva (PS Architecs) on several projects in different countries - Bulgaria, Italy, Chile and Switzerland. We are currently working on the last project which is a testimony of the experience and trust we have in Mrs. Stantcheva with respect to interior design. When I was asked to provide …

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They Trusted Us

We have worked with several world-renowned brands but also with many smaller companies or just private individuals.

What matters to us is that the project is exciting and we are able to establish a relationship of mutual trust and consideration. 

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Let's develop your idea
Let's develop your idea