PS ARCHITECTS is an architectural studio, founded by architect Penka Stancheva in 1995. To date, her portfolio includes projects in Berlin, Paris, Koh Samui island in Thailand, and Istanbul. The studio is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“For me every project means outdoing the previous one. We are constantly exploring new territories and ideas. We aim to go forward with eyes wide-open, appropriate to the modernity and the trends around the world. We strive to develop the product by turning it into a dialogue between the client and us, the foundation of which is trust. The outcome of this collaboration are spaces with their own identity, responding to individual necessities, far from any references and clichés.”

Penka Stancheva’s professional path began with training in St. Petersburg, Sofia, Bordeaux and Venice. Right after graduating in 1995, she started her independent practice. From 2000 to 2003 she was the Bulgarian manager of the international program RADAR for exchange of young artists working in the sphere of art and new visions (installations, photography etc.), which is part of the European program CULTURE 2000, and who presented their work at the 2003 Biennale for contemporary art in Venice. From 2005 to 2009 she was chief editor of Home Style – a supplement on interior and design in Capital newspaper. In 2010 she created a series of designer furniture for Bulgarian furniture factory MEBELOR, which was presented at the Cologne fair and are included in its press (

She has won a multitude of awards including
-    2017 - Silver A’ Design Award in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category by the International Design Academy,  for project 155,
-     2011 - “BUILDING OF THE YEAR” for the building known as Yablanski’s house,
-    2008 - SPECIAL BAUMIT AWARD for long-term partnership,
-    2007, 2010 - “INTERIOR OF THE YEAR” of Nash Dom magazine,
-    2002 - “HOUSE OF THE YEAR” of Idealen Dom magazine.
In June 2011 she was a guest lecturer at PACHAKCHA. Since 2012 has been a guest lecturer at UACG on the course “Practicing the profession”.

“In today’s world of social cataclysms, of migrations, of destruction, of obvious changes in values, I often find myself asking what exactly design is. Could design be not only an end in itself in order for us not to feel silly for spending money to be surrounded by beauty? Could beauty save the world? For me design converts an object into pride, passion, desire or in other words, that which transforms it from a merely material fact into an emotional object.”


Over the years, the projects bearing this signature have become a synonym for professionalism, detailed work and the individual character of every project solution. The company’s portfolio consists of building and interior designs. The unifying feature of all projects is the approach towards a space as a habitat place of a certain person, a place that “fits like a glove” every single client. The dialogue with the client and understanding the specific needs are very important part of the whole design process.

Our results are successful because of profound detail, excellent knowledge of materials and technology, as well as intensive work in implementing each project. The firm's portfolio includes building and interior projects. We can be partners and work on your project at some of the following stages:
-    Defining the task
-    Visiting the site
-    Measuring the existing spaces
-    Conceptual project
-    Realistic artist's impressions of the project
-    Detailed draft of the work – plans, sections, views, materials – types and quantitative calculations
-    Budgeting the project
-    Creative control of the completion of the project
-    Organization and monitoring of the work on completion the project
Our partners for completion of our projects are leading firms in the building sector, finishing works, furnishing, lighting, building materials, planting, graphic designers and photographers.

  • Buildings

    We design building projects in which our leading idea is to combine the right plan with the right scale of the spaces and elegant aesthetics.

  • Interior projects

    We work with the space. Our goal goes beyond the idea of decorating the space.

  • Furniture designe

    Our furniture projects which we design and produce for you respond to your needs.

  • Supervision on the site

    To control the completion of the project is of key importance for success.

  • Complete project

    The trust that we earn during the process of working on the project will make you entrust completion of the whole project to us.

  • Consultation

    If you need help solving a problem, we are fully contactable.


•    ADIS Ltd – real estate agency,
•    APARELLE Ltd – representative of ESPRIT and MARCO POLO for Bulgaria,
•    ARIMEX Ltd – building company,
•    BIO Bulgaria Ltd – producer and dealer of bio-products,
•    BOLSA - investor in The Residence Exclusive Club (ex House of Yablansky),
•    Boris Misirkov – photographer,
•    VAS VAL AUTO – auto service,
•    VIRUS Ltd – advertising agency,
•    Dr Bobeva – dentist,
•    Dr Dinkova – orthodontist,
•    Dimitar Smileniov – lawyer,
•    AIR SOFIA - Flight Training Organization,
•    AIR VIA – chartered flights,
•    Ivelina Slavova – lawyer,
•    IMMOREAL Ltd – a company investing in real estates,
•    Intext Ltd – producer of and dealer in doors,
•    Kamenitza – brewery,
•    KATE concept house – a company dealing with textile and furniture,
•    Clubbing company – the owner of Black Label club and Chervilo club,
•    Maria Djelebova – photographer,
•    Martin Kostov – civil engineer, PLAN 90 Ltd,
•    MEBELOR Ltd – producer of furniture,
•    Milena Rizova – lawyer,
•    Pastorant – restaurant,
•    Peter Mihailov &co - dealer in materials for furniture industry,
•    Sangreal – building company,
•    Milchevi family – owners of Praкtis, chain of stores,
•    Svetlana Kirilova – notary,
•    TED ltd – mattress factory,
•    TED CERAMIC CENTER – Morrellato – dealer in flooring and cladding,
•    Maleevi Tennis Club,
•    TECHNOPOLIS chain store,
•    TOP GROUP Ltd – dealer in flooring and cladding,
•    UNIQA – insurance company,
•    FLASH Co – producer of and dealer in fittings, building company,
•    FUTURA INTERNATIONAL Ltd – dealer in drain/sewerage pipes,
•    Hristo Mitrovski – lawyer,
•    EUROCOM 2000 – fittings dealer,
•    CallPoint New Europe – call center,
•    CAPASCA – fashion brand,
•    HEAD CENTER BANSKO – ski center,
•    INTRO – lifestyle magazine,
•    NS PARKET - producer of and dealer in wooden flooring,
•    RED DEVIL CATERING – catering company,
•    SHELBY – owner of hotel PREMIER in Bansko,
•    Schneider Electric Bulgaria.