The house of Dimitar Yablanski was built in 1906 – 1907 under the design of the Austrian architect Friedrich Grünanger. Today the renovated house is one of the landmark buildings in Sofia, accomodating a private club.

The task was a private club with different zones to be created – whiskey bar on the first floor, restaurant on the second, a night club in the attic as well as a spacious kitchen in the extended basement, serving the main restaurant and the seasonal one in the garden. The change in the building functioning required the rooms to be converted from residential into public. Their integration was connected with constructive changes as well as with resolution of topics related to the preservation of important elements of the building decoration (plaster ornaments, panelling, doors and postals). The new design has a classical appearance but is also bearing the print of the present day, of the contemporary age, i.e. it is not a reconstruction or a restauration of past decoration.

the entrance on the ground floor
the restaurant on the second floor
VIP hall of the restaurant
WC for the restaurant
the bar on the first floor

The project was awarded with the prize Building of the year, 2011 in “Monuments of culture” category.