project 56


The office as a home – a different viewpoint on the subject concerning the work environment.

The spaces here are summarized and reduced to  two large halls with a total area of approximately 120m2. In the first one meetings with clients take place, while the other hosts the so called creative lab.
The meeting room has two zones focused around a working and lounge area. A mixture of contemporary furnishings by leading manufacturers (like Flexform and PORADA) combined with vintage pieces (a low table from the 60’s and newly upholstered armchairs) create an artistic atmosphere with a touch of slight pretenciosness. Quite unexpectedly a hammock in front of the window rounds up the picture.
A common worktable dominates the workspace in the creative lab. Both areas are unified by means of the modular carpet tiles with their complex graphic pattern. The colour range is rather dense, of complex nuances, combined with dashes of wooden patterns.  One of the restrooms is clad with ceramic tiles representing  development plans of Milan and Moscow – a minute detail, hinting the fact that the owners themselves belong to the architectural profession.