project 197


How to make a cliché without it being a cliché?
It is very likely this project’s moto to be too pretentious for some people. Actually, it’s been a decision made on the basis of a classical assignment, combining themes of vintage, Scandinavian design and modern elements.

The solution has avoided clichés like small bricks painted in white, furniture made of rough wood with metal legs or decors typical of Spain or Southern France. However, there are other specific elements for the styles. For example, the dining room is separated from the living room with a glazing of black iron and glass. The bright contrast between black&white dominates the monochrome solution. Covered with oak parquet, the floor creates a stable base for overlaying the elements in the room.

But the viewer’s attention is entirely attracted to the long wall of the living room, with a distinctive wallpaper of Ellitis on it. It's as if the giant ink spot is sprawled on the wall – an accent simple and pretentious at the same time. This kind of graphic instantly grabs the eye, and after longer viewing we are able to find out the discrete luminaires, the carpet of irregular shape, as well as Diesel-Moroso armchairs – reminiscent of candies. The solution, however, remains with a simple geometry and a clean line.  This creates a solid foundation on which the decision’s accents to be exposed.

The kitchen is organized in a space differentiated between columns and washers when merging two housings. It can unambiguously be called ‘classical’ because of its doors. But this kitchen’s vision is upgraded by the decision concerning the plot – black&white mosaic. And we have again the same eye-catching with a strong focus towards the bottom of the room. There is a picture of the Moon printed on the mirror which is illuminated posteriorly. Here the simple geometry predominates again. Two truncated cones in black&white draw attention too, as the former is an aspirator, and the latter – a double-sided luminaire above the dining table.

In brief – the final result represents a contrasting spatial composition precisely balanced between simple geometric elements and highlights, coming from the field of industrial design.