project 194


A special mixture of modernity and new classics; urban elegance adding cosmopolitanism to this elite residence in the Chilean capital Santiago – this is how you can summarize the outcome of the work on this project.

It is elaborated for a housing situated at the 20th floor of a building in the El Golf neighborhood. Specific and memorable is the panorama of the main premises overlooking the city's golf course and the Andes Mountains. But the internal spaces have some drawbacks as well: despite the large area on which the rooms are located they are neither spacious, nor high enough. The task is complicated by the specific glazing of some of the premises: large windows throughout the length and height, opposing long thick walls.  In addition, the rooms are connected with many corridors.

In order for the bright contrast between the wall thicknesses and glazing in the living room to be reduced, different wall-coating materials are used. Their gradation goes through the hardness of concrete, the purity of marble and the pretentious cracked surface of granite at the bottom of the dining-room.  On the short wall at the bottom of the room mirrors are mounted for a smoother transition from glazing to solid walls. They aptly reflect the glazing and multiply it visually. Heavy monochrome curtains further soften the setting.  The floor is neutral; the carpet which is distinctive of its matter rather than its color, adds further elaboration to this surface.

The furniture’s selection is unambiguously pretentious, even mannered. In this dining-room every object is an extravagant artistic item. Still, the combination of shapes and fabrics is precisely balanced.

It is worth noting that the resident’s kitchen which is developed as a kind of laboratory is of particular importance. The reason for this decision is in the family’s special attitude towards healthy nutrition.

In order for this kitchen to be expanded in a larger area, the laundry room and the closet are added to it, as they are organized elsewhere in the residence. As a result, we’ve already had a new room with a markedly prolonged proportion. The purity of the line underscores with great explicitness this new realm of the space. Contrary to the furniture’s almost boring and strictly geometric solution the circular windows – part of the building itself – appear as a kind of counterpoint. As an accent, they are complimented by the two aspirators over the island's cooking area.  And one more surprise: the "flying" bar-top, albeit with apparent discretion because of its rectangular shape.

But the secret recipe behind this seeming simplicity are the very materials and their gradation. Again, the walls are fully coated: the longitudinal ones are with granite tile slabs (ceppo) reminiscent large mosaic, and the lateral ones – with furniture plates imitating concrete and hiding built-in cabinets. The floor is dark graphite, with shades of brown. The countertops are made of black technical granite with inwrought thread, again decided in brown. The wood used for the kitchen doors is natural oak treated with special finesse in a smoky gray shade. The lighting is built discreetly into the ceiling and is powerful enough to allow normal activity in the room. The only exception is the fine lamp above the bar.

The main bedroom in the residence is a kind of obeisance to the local architecture. Perhaps this is the proper place to say that the modern Chilean architecture surprises and impresses with its qualities. This is the reason real building materials or visual references to them to be used in this room’s interior decision. The bed consists of several successive platforms made of cement board, shuttering panels, aluminum profiles with rectangular section and square profiles of black iron. The mattress (with dimensions of 200cm x 200cm) allows the bed to be used in two directions. The refinement needed in order for the balance of materials to be restored is brought from the upholstered back with alcantara, the lighting fixtures and the EDRA chair.

Two additional rooms are added to the space of this bedroom: the closet and the bathroom. Predominantly for the bathroom space is its relationship to the environment. The countertop on which the Gessi sink and battery are located is much lower than usual and allows looking out.