project 142


The concept of the office as a place where one can feel comfortably and at home is becoming more and more a trend in the new business culture. How is this achievable when it has to be applied to a space of 2000m2 with more than 180 workplaces to be set up?

The commission included  reorganizing of already existing office spaces located on the roof slab above the storage and trade spaces of the TECHNOPOLIS main shop in Sofia. This gave us opportunity for developing several roof terraces  to provide day light for maximum number of rooms. For this purpose, the Investor required two inner courtyards so that  the work spaces to be organized around both of them. In addition, hatch openings were mounted in the new ceiling.
My personal view on the contemporary work environment is that it should bear a resemblance to a second home, which was the starting point of my elaboration. In order for this feeling to be recreated the main focus was set precisely on the materials and colours. The flooring in the whole office is moquette in beige-brown shades – alternating smooth surface and stripes. The furniture is developed after an individual design, so that to respond at their best to the employers’ needs and existing spaces. The carefully shaded colours without sharp contrasts assisted the fluent transition between different spaces. Thus the final result is rather conservative and elegant - a modern homogeneous environment has been created, which suggests style and masculine elegance in a very discreet way.