case study 85 -3

The House of Yablanski – the Work on its Renovation
This Project would not be possible without the support of everyone who worked for almost two years – Eng. Keti Jivkitchova, Eng. Paulina Dimova, arch. Margarita Temelkova, arch. Hristian Aleksandrov.

with Keti Jivkitchova – just awarded
with Stanislava Georgieva

-          THE INVESTORS from BOLSA Ltd. and their representative Stanislava Georgieva whose patience and tolerance were an important factor in the realization of the Project.
- Nikolay Ivanov (a.k.a. NIKI OM) and his team of young people who restored the gypsum ceilings, wall decorations, as well as the façade of the building;
-          CST Story and Eng. Vlado Todorov – for providing the implementation of all rough construction works and installations, for the organization and support during the finishing works of the other companies at the site;
-          MOSKOM and Dimitar Moskov, Yavor Dimitrov – for producing the windows, woodwork and doors;
-          Strahil Nenov and Perar Savov – for the excellent stained glass they made and because of which the main idea of the Project has been continued;
-          IKIS and Philip Shkembov – for his responsiveness, production and assembly of the illuminated floors, ceilings and volumes forming the bar on the third floor;                                 
-          GENESIS and Jordan Kuzmanov, Neli Dimitrova, Valio Minchev, Roza Angova – for their cooperation in choosing wallpapers and textile and for the precise executions;                          
-          Gamma Design and Tsaneta Luchkova – for her cooperation in choosing lightning, for its delivery and installation as well as for the full support she gave me during the time of realization of the Project;
-          NIDO and Jordan Abadjiev – for his cooperation in choosing products for WC furnishing and their full specification, for offering me the right pieces of furniture for the equipment of the restaurant and bar, for their fast and professional work on the full specifications of the Project.
-          SENZA and Peter Dimov – for the delivery and installation of part of the lightning in the house;
-          SKV, Damian Kostov, Ivan Konakchiev – for their professional work in making all elements from technical granite;
-          NS parket and Diliana Stoilova – for delivery and installation of all solid parquet;
-          Top Group and Peter Kotzev – for delivery of part of the granite tiles for lining in the toilets;
-          Classic Ceramics and Rumen Romanov – for delivery of part of the granite tiles for lining in the toilets;
-          Nikolay Zorov and SIPER – for their professional work on the sound proofing and acoustics;
-          Bilian Denev – for execution of all types of work concerning the toilets on all floors;
-          Dimitar Dimitrov – for the energy and desire he put into his work on granite floorings;
-          Grigor Naidenov – for the execution of HVAC installation;
-          INTERSYSTEMS and Ivaylo Stefanov – who provided wiring and installation of the sound and security equipment of the site;
-          LUX Cleaning team, Emil Venkov and Atanas Samardjiev – for their cleaning assistance;
-          Boris Misirkov and Georgy Bogdanov – for the taken photos used for decoration of the restaurant and the bar and for shooting the fully implemented Project.