case study 155 -1

THE KITCHEN – a place of special importance in this home. Not only due to the fact that is positioned in the living area but also because of owners’ particular attitude towards the process of food-making.

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After designing a series of possible layouts, this area ended up uniting 14 different elements and materials which needed to be coordinated in order to work together successfully.

The materials which create this part of the project are:

-    Black technical stone for the kitchen top countertop;
-    Copper metal sheet for the kitchen back;
-    Varnished oak veneer with specific grey colour for cupboards under the top;
-    Painted MDF – special type of metallic, fine shagreen – for the door frames of the upper cupboards;
-    Reinforced glass with visible metal structure – for the upper cupboards’ doors;
-    Laminated boards in dark brown colour with delicate glossy structure – for the all cupboards’ frame;
-    Laminated boards with fine square structure from “Cleaf” in particular grey-brown colour – for the visible parts of the free standing cupboards on wheels under the bar,
-    Painted MDF with black shagreen coat with fine grainy structure – for the door frames of the free standing cupboard next to the oven;
-    Metal – black shagreen with fine structure – for the bar legs;
-    Handles in semi-sphere form, in both authentic dark grey colour and rust – imported from Paris, found in one of the many second hand furniture markets, called ‘brocante’;
-    INOX – material for implementing the refrigerator and absorber;
-    Embossed transparent glass – for the two hanging lamps, almost thrown away  in the course of one of the many reconstructions in Sofia, saved and returned to life with the assistance of Cable Lovers;
-    Latex paint in particular beige colour – for the wall;
-    Concrete coat in light grey colour – for the floor.

In contrast to the minimalistic line of the rest of the furniture, the kitchen ostensibly appears like a heap of cupboards and kitchen appliances and utensils. However, after an attentive observation, one would discover that this union of elements is organic and in a special kind of harmony.

boiacca - KRISTALIA
The table – made of concrete – Boiacca by KRISTALIA
The handles – found at Marche aux puces in Paris, delivered specifically for the particular project
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The final touch
The happy end
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