Svetla and her MISTAKES / ERRORS

I do not know how they looked like on-screen, but printed, framed and hung on the white walls, the so-called MISTAKES/ERRORS do not appear incidental at all. The aesthetics of chance often surprises us, and proves that the intuitive approach is often the right one. Svetla Mirtcheva’s intuition, united or supported by Olivier Boissier’s has turned a computer bug into a series of colourful graphic themes. At first sight, the pieces are unpretentious, digitally modern, but at the same time, they carry liveliness and an ethnic flair.
From October 17th till November 17th 2012 the exhibition was on display at a place called „Un Cabinet D'Amateur“, owned by Olivier Boissier – an architectural critic of world dimension,  who settled in Bulgaria more than ten years ago.
“Svetla and her mistakes/errors” was a beautiful experience for me, when I saw the exhibition on its closing day. It reassured me that contemporary art is not necessarily ugly, grotesque, or fussy…

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