Milano 2016 - Forecast

On the eve of a forum like the Milano iSaloni Fair the professional audience is in anticipation for news, surprises, outlining of development directions for the following months. In the last years distinctive for the design scene is exactly its many-sided aspect. Forecasting before the fair is in a way self-confident. Still one of the working lines of the significant names and brands during the last months is clearly distinguishable.

Some define it as neo-Bohemian style, others call it artistic, eclectic, third consider it romantic because of the retrospective glance at the aesthetic of the near past. In all cases it is not easy to define this evidently emerging trend. One would rather distinguish the strange colourful palette as though it was taken from the canvas of a skilful painter. The first thing that catches the eye are the dark saturated colourful as well as contrasting combinations. In the palette of these solutions we encounter pink leaning towards terracotta, blue-grey with a green hue, dark grass green, golden ochre, orange-brown, violet, burgundy – all colours, whose naming indicates their uncertainty and complexity. This colourfulness invokes in our minds a retro flavour from the past mid-century. It is characterized by density and pretentious combinations. If we take a closer look at what is happening, we will find that colour is only the most visible manifestation/display of this trend. It would be simplistic to consider everything ceases here. At a more thorough glance we find that the metals are in several shades (bronze, copper and nickel) and combine freely and that veneers often appear with natural colours that seem long gone beyond the actual range. In addition to the pretentious colourfulness, also comes the shaping – design products acquire more of a touch of gallery exhibits. The nostalgia, popularly named as “vintage” or “retro” style, finds its natural sequence in this difficult to interpret mixture of materials, colours and objects. In case all this provokes your curiosity you should not miss taking the time to discover the space of Dimore Studio – artists, for whom this aesthetic is rather inherent than obtained.

The trend that left an impression in 2015 and what logically would be overexposed this season is going to be exactly this kind of aesthetics. Still it is crucial to keep in mind the details of the development. To display the old products in new colours against a background wall in an indefinite hue is something different from the artistry and the pretentiousness of the solutions in question. Most likely if that happens it would mean that this rather complex combinatory have been translated into the style of the mass design consumer. And when this is a fact, when an elite aesthetic becomes a mass one, then for certain we could call it a “tendency”.

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