To sit on the water

In the context of the recently concluded Venice Architectural Biennale, the GLASSTRESS exhibition was held for the second time. Having so much to see, one could easily overlook this particular event. It would be a pity, though. For the 30 000 visitors during the exhibition’s five-month life it has certainly been a particularly exciting experience to find out that glass is not only a material for making chandeliers and glasses. Behind the initiative that started in 2009, stands Adriano Berengo and his Murano studio. His idea was to study the possibilities of the material and join artisanship and art into working with glass. Thus within the framework of Glasstress on the Louvre roof eaves in Paris “landed” 1055 glass doves. Currently two exhibitions in Riga and Stockholm can be visited, New York and Beirut are to follow. Many famous artists and designers have participated in the various glass projects that can be found also on

An incredibly poetic object was created by Tokujin Yoshioka in the course of the Biennale. He created a block of “water” to be used as a bench. Sitting on water is a very emotionally loaded idea. Recreated in this Japanese designer’s traditional poetic manner are the density of experience and the lightness of vision. The product, as is always with such cases, is simple – a translucent glass bock supported on two polished aluminum slabs. The finishing of the glass block creates the impression that if you touch it, its surface will ripple.

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