Explosion of colors from Milan

Milan – a capital of fashion or a capital of design? That depends on the individual point of view. In April, immediately after the fashion week,  design becomes the centre of attention in Milan. Manufacturers from Europe and increasingly from all over the world gather to offer their new ideas to the audience. But this event has long overtaken the boundaries of the exhibition halls. The entire city is a stage for design. The already popular Zona Tortona was launched a year ago, as a field for young authors to shine. During the week of design throughout the city – from the display windows of La Rinascente and the boutiques along Via Montenapoleone, up to the new Lambrate area, everyone participates in the design parade. In addition, on Saturday and Sunday the whole city is out to see the exhibitions.

And each year the question remains: „What are the trends?” It is very probable that we will not discover a new direction again. All themes have already been exploited. Designers change their focus on different ideas. It is curious that fashion, furniture design and contemporary art intertwined intensely in the recent years, blurring the boundaries of design. More often than not, the trends overlap in those three areas. And as of summer 2012 – in fashion the colours were vivid, and the same applied for furniture. Phosphorescent yellow, green, orange and pink grab the attention and explode in the eye. But both in fashion and design, such elements bring a certain mood and more accents than a basic theme.

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